Chronology - 1904-1919

1904-1906 Charles-Edouard Jeanneret was a student of Charles L’Eplattenier at the l’Ecole d’Art. Construction of the Maison Fallet under the supervision of the architect René Chapallaz. 1907-1908 Travels in Italy and Eastern Europe. Projects: Villa Stotzer and Villa Jaquemet in collaboration with René Chapallaz. 1908-1911 Internships with the brothers Perret and Peter Behrens. 1911 Travels in the Middle East. 1912 Charles-Edouard Jeanneret opened his own architecture bureau; building of the Maison blanche. 1919 The family Jeanneret left the house, which was then sold. In the course of the century it had many owners. The essential architecture has been preserved, but the Eternit® roof (fiber cement shingles) was replaced by tiles; the garden and the garden house had been substantially altered.

An elephant from the circus Hagenbeck in front of the villa (1914)